Version 10

IP Camera Recording Software for
Network IP Video Cameras

Chances are the software that came with your IP network cameras is not reliable or powerful enough to do everything you need it to.

ViewCommander-NVR IP camera recording software is easy to set up and use, reducing your installation and setup costs right from the start. Its efficiency will allow you to view and record more IP cameras on a single system. Furthermore, ViewCommander's reliability will help insure your video is being saved reliably.

ViewCommander-NVR is a reliable, feature rich, high performance, scalable IP network camera recording and management solution.

ViewCommander products are used worldwide by schools & universities, law enforcement, municipalities, commercial and industrial facilities, as well as for home use.

ViewCommander products can be scaled to fit your needs if you later decide to add more cameras to your existing camera fleet, or decide to upgrade to a version with more advanced features.

ViewCommander includes features to extend the capabilities of your existing IP Network cameras by adding video enhancement functions, advanced motion detection, and camera integration with other systems.

ViewCommander-NVR's remote access web interface allows you to view live and archived video over the Internet with a web browser - eliminating the need to connect to each camera individually.

ViewCommander-NVR v10 Features and Pricing

ViewCommander-NVR v10 systems are compatible with
Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2019
Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10


  Video   Pro Pro
Record multiple IP cameras simultaneously - up to 30 FPS for each camera   Y Y Y
  Support for JPEG and MJPEG live video @ 30 FPS per camera   Y Y Y
Support for H.264   Y Y Y
  Audio   Pro ProPlus ProAdv
  Audio Monitoring (some model cameras only) Y Y Y
  Audio Recording (some model cameras only) Y Y
  Recording & Playback   Pro ProPlus ProAdv
  Digital Fingerprint Verification Y Y Y
  Define secondary storage drive per camera     Y Y
  Define secondary storage drive per camera for simultaneous writing       Y
  Export to AVI (MJPEG video)   Y Y Y
  Export to ASF (H.264 video) Y Y
  Export to VCA format (includes audio/video/timestamp/fingerprint) Y Y
  ViewCommander-Player - to distribute w/ recorded video Y Y
  Video Export via Web Interface Y Y
  Set recording end date to autmatically stop recording Y Y
  Synchronized video playback (cams)   2 4 8
System   Pro ProPlus ProAdv
  Runs as a Window's Service to automatically start recording on system restart.   Y Y Y
  Remote window thumbnail view for multiple monitor systems Y Y Y
  Sidebar thumbnail view   Y Y Y
  Supports most commercially available IP network video cameras and servers   Y Y Y
Multiple monitor support Y Y Y
  7 Day, 24 hour scheduling to allow certain features to run only at specified times, including recording, email notification, etc… configurable with 15 minute increments.   Y Y Y
  Individual camera scheduling override   Y Y Y
  User level security - configure multiple users, each with different levels of access   Y Y Y
  User Logging Y Y Y
  Per Camera User Access - allow specific users to access defined cameras Y Y Y
  Video uplink to viewing client management systems   Y Y Y
  Full Screen Video View - enlarge video to fill full screen   Y Y Y
  Scalable - add additional cameras at any time   Y Y Y
  Event Email Alert   Y Y Y
  Camera connection loss email notification with custom timeouts Y Y Y
  Performance enhancements to reduce CPU usage   Y Y Y
  IPV6 - IP version 6 Y Y Y
  System Stats Dashboard - Camera stats, bandwidth, user Log, sys log       Y
  Video & PTZ Control   Pro ProPlus ProAdv
  30 Frames Per Second per Camera   Y Y Y
  Video adjustments (brightness / equalization /  noise reduction)   Y Y Y
  Night Enhancement   Y Y Y
  Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) support for pan-tilt enabled cameras   Y Y Y
  Automatic Object Tracking using PTZ functions Y Y Y
  Joystick Support Y Y
  Digital Image stabilization Y Y Y
  Advanced camera function integration  - adjust settings on remote camera   Y Y Y
  Download preset names automatically for supported cameras   Y Y Y
  Return to preset on timeout   Y Y Y
  Configurable Camera Preset Patrolling / Touring Y Y Y
  Snapshots - save individual snapshots to disk   Y Y Y
  Camera status - see real-time data on FPS and bandwidth usage   Y Y Y
  180 degree image rotate option   Y Y Y
  Digital zoom - digitally zoom even if camera does not support zoom   Y Y Y
  Center on click (Point & Click) navigation   Y Y Y
  Box and Zoom (Now includes most Canon cameras)   Y Y Y
  Virtual Joystick for supported cameras   Y Y Y
  User-defined custom buttons       Y
  User-defined custom button with timer Y
  SSL Encrypted connection from camera to ViewCommander       Y
Recording & Playback   Pro ProPlus ProAdv
  Playback Histogram showing events Y Y Y
  Specify different archive drive location per camera   Y Y Y
  Save to network attached storage (NAS)   Y Y Y
  Record on motion detection to save disk space   Y Y Y
  Pre and post alarm event recording, now with user defined times   Y Y Y
  Low disk space detection (auto-erase oldest archives, or stop recording)   Y Y Y
  Variable recording speeds - set FPS per camera   Y Y Y
  Export video to AVI and ASF format   Y Y Y
  Export digitally enhanced recorded still images   Y Y Y
  Automatically delete oldest archive option based on user defined disk space requirements   Y Y Y
  Lock video archives to prevent them from being deleted   Y Y Y
  Archive Video selection based on calendar / times   Y Y Y
  Event filtering for recorded playback Y Y Y
  Real-time playback, Rewind, Fast Forward, Pause, Single step   Y Y Y
Snapshots - save digitally enhanced archive video snapshots Y Y Y
  Export Archives to AVI and ASF (now includes seconds)   Y Y Y
  Easily import ViewCommander archive folders into sysetm   Y Y Y
  Remote Access   Pro ProPlus ProAdv
  Integrated Web and Video Server   Y Y Y
  Remote web access for live video and PTZ functions   Y Y Y
  SSL Encryption for secure connection Y Y
  Web access simultaneous live video connections   unlimited unlimited unlimited
  Web Management functions (add cameras, users, settings, etc) Y Y
  ViewCommander-Clients (included) more can be purchased 0 1 1/cam lic
  Remote web access for recorded video playback   Y Y Y
  Web access simultaneous playback connections   unlimited unlimited unlimited
  Video Export via Web Interface Y Y
  IPhone, IPad, Android web access   Y Y Y
  Outgoing bandwidth control   Y
  Easy copying of archived video to USB drive storage.     Y Y
  Allows definition of user groups   Y
  Active Directory Integration       Y
  Web digital zoom for live and recorded video Y Y Y
  Multiview formatting and layout options Y Y Y
  User Account Expiration   Y Y
  Password Complexity Enforcement       Y
  FIPS Standard for web encryption n/a Y Y
External I/O   Pro ProPlus ProAdv
  Digital I/O alarm notification for supported cameras Y Y Y
  Trigger GPIO relay for supported cameras Y Y Y
Motion Detection - Sensors and Events   Pro ProPlus ProAdv
  Advanced adjustable motion detection settings and thresholds   Y Y Y
  Motion detection - Region of interest settings with selectable grid overlay   Y Y Y
  Define multiple regions of interest per camera       Y
  Motion detection email alert notification with jpeg attachment   Y Y Y
  Motion detection adaptive base image option   Y Y Y
  Motion detection audio & visual alert notification   Y Y Y
  Custom web sensor inputs for 3rd partry event triggers       Y
  Timer event actions - turn camera stream on and off at scheduled times       Y
  Message overlay in video on event     Y Y
  Pop-up alerts on event       Y
Add-On Features (addititional charges apply)   Pro ProPlus ProAdv
Integration with Rimage Disk Publishing System Y
  Floating Pop-up viewing windows (for multiple monitor video walls)   Y Y
  Pricing   Pro Pro
  Base System License (starting price - includes 1 camera license)     $ 600 $ 700
  Additional Camera Licenses (each)     $125 $150
  Prices effective of October  1, 2019 through present. All prices USD.        
  Prices and features subject to change.


Viewer Interface Screen

This ViewCommander-NVR screenshot shows the main user interface when taking control of a camera. The live video will be displayed in the main viewing area. Cameras can be selected by choosing a camera from the Video Source Panel on the Left of the screen. The control panel will allow you control Pan Tilt Zoom functions.

Control Panels

ViewCommander's configuration panels are easily accessible.

Video Playback

Playing back recorded video is easy!! Just select the 'Playback' tab, and click on the date from the calendar. Then select the hour and minute to begin video playback. Only dates and times that video was recorded will be displayed, so if you have video that was recorded on motion events only, then only the times when motion was detected will be displayed.

Remote Web Access

All ViewCommander-NVR models come with a built-in video server at no extra cost. You can access both live and recorded video with a standard web browser with NO plug-ins, Active-X or JAVA required, meaning you can view your video from almost anywhere on any computer with an Internet connection.

Video Enhancement Functions

The ViewCommander-NVR software enhances live video in real-time. Use tools to view items in the video that normally cannot be seen using the manufacturer provided viewing applications ! 

Digitally adjust common settings like brightness and contrast even if your camera is not capable of these settings:
  • Night Vision Enhancement - this feature can allow you to see objects in darkened video
  • Digital Zoom - digitally zoom in on objects in the video, even if the camera doesn't have zoom capability
  • Image Stabilization - Stabilize shaky video caused by vibration and wind
  • Reduce JPEG noise from video image streams to see objects more clearly
Vision Enhancement

ViewCommander-NVR's enhancement capabilities reduce visual noise and brighten an image. The image on the left shows an object before enhancement. The digitally enhanced image on the bottom reveals the text in the object clearly.

Supported Cameras

ViewCommander-NVR supports a wide range of popular IP network cameras, including...
If your exact camera model is not listed below, please contact us and we will verify if ViewCommander will support it.

Note: for Major brands such as AXIS, Sony and Panasonic, models not listed here may work with other models from these manufacturers.
  • ACTi (JPEG Mode)
    ACTI (MJPEG Mode)
    ACTi ACD Series
    ACTi ACM Series
    ACTi H.264
    ACTi KCM Series
    Acutvista Dome Camera
    AgileMesh G2
    AirLink 101
    AirLink AIC250W
    AirLink SkyIPCam747W
    A-Linking PTZ
    Approtech DVR
    Approtech DVR 3016
    Approtech DVR-3014
    Arecont AV3100
    Arecont AV5100
    Arecont AV8365-DN
    Asante Voyager I
    Astak IP7000
    AverMedia NetCam
    Aviosys 9100A
    Aviosys IP Kamera 9000A
    Aviosys IP Kamera 9060
    AXIS 200+
    AXIS 205
    AXIS 206
    AXIS 207
    AXIS 207M/MW
    AXIS 209FD
    AXIS 209FD-R
    AXIS 209MFD
    AXIS 209MFD-R
    AXIS 210
    AXIS 2100
    AXIS 210A
    AXIS 211
    AXIS 211A
    AXIS 211M
    AXIS 211W
    AXIS 212
    AXIS 213
    AXIS 2130
    AXIS 214
    AXIS 215
    AXIS 216FD
    AXIS 216FD-V
    AXIS 216MFD
    AXIS 216MFD-V
    AXIS 221
    AXIS 223M
    AXIS 225FD
    AXIS 231D
    AXIS 232D
    AXIS 233D
    AXIS 2400
    AXIS 2401
    AXIS 240Q
    AXIS 241Q
    AXIS 241QA
    AXIS 241S
    AXIS 243Q
    AXIS 243SA
    AXIS 247S
    AXIS 282
    AXIS 282SA
    AXIS Firmware 5.x
    AXIS M1014
    AXIS M1031
    AXIS M1054
    AXIS M1113
    AXIS M1144-L
    AXIS M3005
    AXIS M3006
    AXIS M3007
    AXIS M3204
    AXIS M7001
    AXIS P1214
    AXIS P1343
    AXIS P1344
    AXIS P1346
    AXIS P3301
    AXIS P3301V
    AXIS P3344
    AXIS P5532
    AXIS P5534-E
    AXIS P7214
    AXIS Q1602
    AXIS Q1755
    AXIS Q6032-E
    AXIS Q6034-E
    AXIS Q6035
    AXIS Q6045
    AXIS Q7401
    AXIS Q7406
    AXIS V5914
    AXIS V5915
    Basler BIP-D1300C-N
    Basler MegaPixel
    Basler MegaPixel (4 cam)
    Bosch FlexiDome
    Camdeor (MJPEG)
    Canon VB-C10
    Canon VB-C50Fi
    Canon VB-C50i
    Canon VB-C60

    Canon VB-C10
    Canon VB-C50Fi
    Canon VB-C50i
    Canon VB-C60
    Canon VB-H41
    Canon VB-H43
    Canon VB-H45
    Canon VB-M40
    Canon VB-M42
    Canon VB-M50
    Canvision/ORITE IC301
    Cellvision 370W
    Cellvision CAS-771W
    Cisco 2500
    Convision V610 A
    Creative Live
    Dahua IPC-HFW4300s
    D-Link DCS 1000
    D-Link DCS 1110
    D-Link DCS 1130
    D-Link DCS 2100+
    D-Link DCS 2121
    D-Link DCS 3110
    D-Link DCS 3220
    D-Link DCS 3410
    D-Link DCS 5300 Series
    D-Link DCS 5610 PTZ
    D-Link DCS 5635
    D-Link DCS 6110 PTZ
    D-Link DCS 6600 Series
    D-Link DCS 6600 Series (MJPEG)
    D-Link DCS 900
    D-Link DCS 950
    Edimax IC-1500WG
    Edimax IC-7000
    Edimax IC-9000
    Elmo PTC-201C
    Elmo PTC-401C
    FlexWatch PTZ
    Foscam FI8908(W)
    Foscam FI8910(W)
    GadSpot GS1200(G)
    GadSpot GS9603
    GadSpot PTZ
    Ganz MP5A
    GeoVision GV-BL110D
    GeoVision GV-FD120D
    Goscam GP-280
    Grandstream GXV3501
    Hawking HNC Series
    Hawking HNC230G
    Hawking HNC-230G
    Hawking HNC720G
    Hawking Pan Tilt
    Hawking Pan Tilt Zoom
    Intellinet (JPEG Mode)
    Intellinet 503181 (MJPEG)
    Intellinet 550260 / 550437 (JPEG Mode)
    Intellinet 550260 / 550437 (MJPEG Mode)
    Intellinet 550338/550468/550482 (MJPEG)
    Intellinet NBC30
    Intellinet NCS15(WG)
    Intellinet NFC30
    Intellinet NFD30
    Intellinet NVS30
    Intellinet PTZ
    Intellinet SOHO 501583
    IQeye 300 Series
    IQeye 501
    IQeye 511
    IQeye 600 Series
    IQeye 752
    I-Watcher PT300
    JVC VN-25U
    JVC VN655U
    JVC VN-C20
    JVC VN-E4
    KT&C KNC-HDi47
    LevelOne FCS-0300
    Lilan PTZ Dome
    Linksys PVC2300
    Linksys WVC200
    Linksys WVC210
    Longshine IC-715
    Lorex IPSC2230
    Luxon MIP1280
    Messoa NCR870
    Messoa NIC830
    Mobotix D22
    Moxa VPort 351
    NetMedia iViewHD
    Obscured Tech
    ONVIF Compatible
    Panasonic (Generic)
    Panasonic BB Series
    Panasonic BB Series w/ Optical Zoom
    Panasonic BB-HCE481A
    Panasonic BB-HCM311A
    Panasonic BB-HCM331A
    Panasonic BB-HCM371A
    Panasonic BB-HCM381A
    Panasonic BB-HCM403A
    Panasonic BB-HCM511A
    Panasonic BB-HCM515A
    Panasonic BB-HCM531A
    Panasonic BB-HCM580A
    Panasonic BB-HCM581A
    Panasonic BB-HCM735A
    Panasonic BB-HCS301A
    Panasonic BL Series
    Panasonic KX Series
    Panasonic WJ-GXE500
    Panasonic WV-NM100
    Panasonic WV-NS202
    Panasonic WV-NS324
    Panasonic WV-NS954
    Panasonic WV-NW474
    Panasonic WV-SC384
    Panasonic WV-SC385
    Pelco Sarix Series
    PelcoNet 300
    Pixord 1401
    Pixord PTZ Dome
    Plustek Opticam P1
    Samsung SNC-550N
    Samsung SSC
    Scallop Imaging
    Shenzhen Vilar idoo 201B
    Sony SNC CS10/11
    Sony SNC CS50
    Sony SNC DF40N
    Sony SNC DF50N
    Sony SNC DF80N
    Sony SNC DF85N
    Sony SNC DM110
    Sony SNC DM160
    Sony SNC DS10
    Sony SNC DS60
    Sony SNC EP Series
    Sony SNC ER Series
    Sony SNC M1
    Sony SNC M3W
    Sony SNC P1
    Sony SNC RS44N
    Sony SNC RX550N
    Sony SNC RX570N
    Sony SNC RZ25N
    Sony SNC RZ30N
    Sony SNC RZ50N
    Sony SNC-RH164
    Sparklan 633W
    StarDot Express v1
    StarDot Express v2
    StarDot NetCam
    StarDot Netcam w/Zoom
    StarDot SDHMSRV4
    Streaming Networks DVR
    Talitor TFE1
    Talos PTZ
    Toshiba IK-WB Series
    Toshiba IK-WB02A
    Toshiba IK-WB15A
    Toshiba IK-WB21A
    Toshiba IK-WD01A
    Toshiba IK-WP41A
    Toshiba IK-WR01A
    TRENDnet TV-IP100
    TRENDnet TV-IP110W
    TRENDnet TV-IP201
    TRENDnet TV-IP201(2)
    TRENDnet TV-IP212
    TRENDnet TV-IP252P
    TRENDnet TV-IP262PI
    TRENDnet TV-IP301
    TRENDnet TV-IP312W
    TRENDnet TV-IP322P
    TRENDnet TV-IP400
    TRENDnet TV-IP422(W)
    TRENDnet TV-IP501
    TRENDnet TV-IP512
    TRENDnet TV-IP522P
    TRENDnet TV-IP600
    TRENDnet TV-IP612P
    Ubiquity Aircam
    UDP IPE1100
    V-Gear LiveCam Dual
    ViewCommander-NVR V6
    Vilar Pan Tilt
    Vivotek FD6000 Series
    Vivotek FD7131 (Stream 1)
    Vivotek FD7141 (Stream 1)
    Vivotek FD8161 (Stream 1)
    Vivotek FE8172V (Stream 1)
    Vivotek IP2000 Series
    Vivotek IP3000 Series
    Vivotek IP6000 Series
    Vivotek IP7000 Series
    Vivotek IP7151 (Stream 1)
    Vivotek IP7361 (Stream 1)
    Vivotek IP8332 (Stream 1)
    Vivotek PT3000 Series
    Vivotek PT7000 Series
    Vivotek PZ6000 Series
    Vivotek PZ7111
    Vivotek PZ7131
    Vivotek PZ7132
    Vivotek PZ7151
    Vivotek SD6000 Series
    Vivotek SD7151 (Stream 2)
    Vivotek VS2000 Series
    Vivotek VS2101
    Vivotek VS8102 (Stream 2)
    WebCam XP
    ZAVIO V111T